Happy Easter 2004!

I have highlighted a few pictures below from our Easter trip to Disney World. You can find a few more pictures from the trip in the Easter 2004 folder under the pictures link.

First, it is Eilis’s haircut at the Main Street Barber Shop with Stylist Billie. She was awarded a set of mouse ears that said First Haircut; a certificate; and some pixie dust in the back.

Eilis first Disney haircut
Disney haircut
Then daddy borrowed the ears so people would think he had his first haircut!


Eilis points out some of the new Finding Nemo sculpture outside of the Living Seas at EPCOT

Eilis Nemo EPCOT

Brighid EPCOT Geosphere
Above, Brighid stands across the lake from EPCOT’s famous Geosphere

Below, the girls meet Minnie Mouse at Liberty Tree Tavern.

Minnie Mouse Liberty Tree Tavern

Our family, friends and goings on