DaY 19 – Happy for Eunuchs

Day 19 of the 30 days of thanks, and I am thankful for Eunuchs. Now in this day and age most people don’t know many. I know of a few. And they all have four things in common

1 – Obviouslly, being dickless
2 – Dated my wife before me
3 – Failed to understand how much a prize she is
4 – Didn’t do everything they could to win her hand

From our first date, I did everything I could to impress her.

Today, we have been together for 1 score and a number of years. We cuddled in bed together, took a ride talking, went to the store together and talked to each other about items we were shopping for. A few items, and some Christmas gifts. We talked about budgets, gits that are the most fun and best value for our money. And the things for our kids, family and friends to spread holiday cheer. She is so wonderful.

And giggling, laughing, rubbing her back, and holding and kissing her hand.


So today, I will give my thanks to all the eunuchs, for that is the only reason someone could have passed on such a prize.