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Brighid now

Name doesn’t matter

A kid in our house is having a birthday today. Name doesn’t matter. She knows she is loved, by her mother, sisters, cats, dogs and her father.

Her father, never started out looking for a family.
He was reading a book, going to college in the evenings while stationed at the Philadelphia Naval Base, leaving his house at 0415 to report to work.
He got up that early so he could leave early to take his mother to therapy three days a week.

And then at therapy some girl kept asking him “What you doing?”
“What are you reading?:
“I am trying to read this textbook for an exam”
He eventually asked her out
She didn’t even know his first name or his last name
It was written on his uniform she saw him wearing 3 days a week
See line 1 above, name doesn’t matter

She stabbed him on their first date, right in the chest.
Crazy lady just reached in and stole his heart
He could not be parted from her if he tried

And if the time comes where she forgets his name again, he will be standing by her side every day of his life.
Because she allowed him to be part of something wonderful.
Her life
And to see her be the mother of three wonderful girls.

As one of them turns 23 today, I wish her Happy Birthday!
I wish you many more birthdays.

In all those years, you may get gifts, you may get a party, you may get well wishes, hugs, and kisses.But I have given you the best present I can possibly think of, your wonderful mother.

She is the one who gave you your name,

Happy Birthday Brighid Lora Skamarakas

When we have your birthday party, and everyone is singing Happy Birthday, I will be looking not at the cake or the candles. I will be looking at the love and joy on your mothers face. It fills the room, and I hope it fills your heart every day of your life.

What the hell Brighid

Subtotal of Msg’s 3,320 Msg 617.00


And it gets even worse when you look at the details – here we find out that the 17 year old with so much work to do that her mom is overwhelmed with the total lack of help. We see that she is also sending almost as more data traffic as her Dad, who uses the phone for business. 4387 compared to 3320

Brighids USMC NRTOC essay

From the time I was a child, I was taught the valuable lesson of honoring your father and mother. My father, a military veteran, and my mother, the daughter of a military veteran, instilled in me a sense of civic responsibility, an obligation to serve my community, and a pride in the land that gives me the opportunities and freedoms not found anywhere else in the world. The lessons I have learned demand that I do what I can to ensure my younger sisters and the children of their generation grow up with an innocence that was lost for me and those of my generation with the events that unfolded on September 11th. I want to be a part of the force that returns the guarantee of security and the comfort of safety to this country.

My parents encouraged pride in our heritage, our history, and our family traditions. The proud Marine Corps heritage, traditions, and esprit de corps are the values that most closely reflect the ones taught to me at home. The Marine Corps is built on a foundation similar to the one on which my parents built our family. I want to be a Marine Corps officer because I truly believe the values taught by the United States Marine Corps would flow through my veins as smoothly as the blood given to me by my own parents. Just like you are always a member of your family, you are always a Marine. It is my goal to live that belief.

I feel as if I have been training for this opportunity my entire life. The honor and privilege of being a Marine Corps officer is one not simply given, and I hold no illusions of it being glamourous or easy. I want to be a part of the legacy of my family, which has had at least one family member in every war and conflict this country has seen since World War I. I want to be a part of the Marine Corps legacy, leading this country to victory in every one of those wars and conflicts. The Core Values of honor, courage, and committment are values I have been encouraged to grasp since I was a child, and I am prepared to accept the torch that is being passed to me on behalf of a proud family and a proud Corps. I love my family and my country and I have deep respect for the men and women of the armed services. I want to become a Marine Corps officer to live the lessons taught to me by my parents and to show the ultimate gratitude for those who have sacrificed so much for me, both in my family and the veterans who fought to protect my rights and freedoms. I want to be a Marine Corps officer.

Send in the Marines

Brighid has an interview as part of her application with for a US Naval ROTC Scholarship – USMC Option. And part of the email was what to wear. Now she is trying to decide between a suit with pants and a suit with a skirt. I listened to her and her mom ramble for a few minutes.

And right in front of me at the Deptford Mall walks 2 Marines in uniform.

Jim “Excuse me, do you work at the Haddonfield office?”

Marine: “I work at the Woodbury office, but I have worked at the Haddonfield office. How can I help you?”

Jim “Our daughter has a question. Do you mind?”

Marine “Of course not” and turns to Brighid, although he was looking and talking at both of us. I walked away

How much more convenient can you get then to have a question and want an opinion and up walks a USMC recruiter.

Brighid did not get his card, but the office is located at 9 S Broad St Woodbury, NJ 08096 and the phone number for USMC Recruting is
(856) 845-1240. I know the office very well. It is right there in the middle of downtown, across from the courthouse and next to all of the crossroads and bustops.

HireLittlePeople.com review

For our daughters sweet 16 we decided to hire a dwarf, midget or little person. We wanted someone to be shorter then her for a change, and escort her in. Being irish, we wanted a leprechaun. Also, having them at the door to greet the guests would be fun. If they could sing, dance, juggle or anything of entertainment, that would be great.

We did get a little person from hirelittlepeople.com – the price of $350 for a 2 hours was better then other people we contacted. And mosre important, they were coming from a reasonable driving distance. That was a big deal to us for a Friday night party.

Base Service Fee: $300.00
Costume: $50.00
TOTAL $350.00
$150.00 Down Payment Due Now
$200.00 Balance Due when Little Person arrives

They arrived, one little person, in a costume, and a driver. They were nice and friendly. At the door, he greeted guests and handed out beads from a pot’o’gold bucket. We provided the beads, the pot and the guestbook.

When the party started, he did escort Brighid in. It made for a cute picture.

From here, my expactations were for someone to show up, and do these few tasks. Anna expected that since this is a talent agency, the little person would have some talent, and this they did not have.

For the costume, we could have picked it up ourselves and given it to the kids for playtime. It was on the order of a csotume,  like a cheap santa suit. For a professional agency, charging a seperate fee, you would expect something like a mall santa where you look at them and say “Oh thats the real Santa Claus suit”

At the door, the little person was not jumpy, warm or jolly. But they were there. No card tricks, juggling, jokes, fake Irish accent greetings. Nothing. Just there. Anna expected more, I would have hoped for more. Overall it was a fun idea, but failed in the delivery. Would I do it again? No. Would I recommend hirelittlepeople.com – no and yes. You have to be even more specific about what you want. They will get you a body. But besides standing there, you might not get much else.

For the money, I could have found a child comedian or entertainer, gotten them in a tux or leprechaun outfit and gotten more of what Anna wanted – entertainment – for the same price. And had an easier time finding them. It was fun having them, but they could have done better. And if the response is “You asked for a little person, not a little person that did xxx or yyy.” I would respond – Then why didn’t you offer that as an additional option?

Why this review now? I am cleaning up and catching up, and deleting old email archives. I want this blog to be current, honestly I do :)

Political Correctness garbage – a dwarf is a person with forms of extreme shortness characterized by disproportion of body parts. A midget is another term for a dwarf, but is not generally PC. I guess they prefer little people.


Breaking in new boots – part 1

I have 2 new pair of boots I need to break in. I will be using these boots in July for 2 weeks of field training in sunny Camp Roberts, CA. I have never worn fatgiues, and my old pair of deck boots is in no condition, especially since it it a pair of working boots that has been worn through from years of work onboard and at home. Those boots lasted a long long time.

Off to the Navy Exchange, ordered 2 pairs size 12 steel toed jump boots. They are great, fit perfect, lace up snug and high with a huge length of extra laces to wrap around the calf top.

And where do we go? Off to Cooper River for 3 miles. And this morning is a walk athon. On the other end of the river, the local Ham Radio Rag Chew club is working the event. I figure morning with Brighid on the big river, home to switch out Brighid for Anna then go to the other river and see the ham club. There is an ASPCA event. Sweet, we sign up, pay our $25.00 donation, each get our numbers and a free t-shirt. And we are off. Suprisingly there are less animals then I expected.

It was a great time, glad our walk got to also go to a worthy charity. Now lets hope they don’t use that money to send me junk mail to get more money. That would piss me off. Charities should use the money 95% for the cause, not 95% to raise more money for the cause.

Anna has pictures of us with our number tags, as soon as I get one I will link to it here.

Happy Scuba cake

I am not sure where the picture is, but if Anna has one and sends it to me, I need to post it here. On the way back from Ft Lauderdale, we stopped at the Fort Pierce turnpike entrance to grab some U-pick strawberries to take back for everyone. Then when we got back home to Orlando, went into the Hunter’s Creek Publix, picked up a small birthdaycake with white icing and asked the lady to decorate it with a dive flag. Our celebration desert was a Happy Dive Cake and fresh strawberries at dinner.


look for a picture of a cake with a dive flag on it, dates somewhere around 3/29/2008 18:00 6 PM. If you find it, and it is alreadfy uploaded to the gallery like you do all the pictures, send me the link

– xoxo Jim

Scuba School of Ft Lauderdale newst certified diver

I waited to take this picture until she finished getting certified. An extra 6th and 7th dive to get her certified due to a confort level was well worth it. Brighid did great. Or do we call it here 8th and 8th dive and count the day I left her in the pool and told her not to come up till her tank was empty as a pool dive? :) Nope, remedial training doesn’t count and pool dives only count once.

When she tells everyone she is certified, Mike, me, her mom, and her grandparents all agree and one by one say “I’ve always known that you were certifiable” And each time she walks into that old punch line.

Here is Brighid in The Scuba School of Fort Lauderdale on Oakland Park Blvd with Mike Olson. Mike runs the shop and we have known him for over a decade. He is a great person to dive with, and an excellent instructor. Patient, knows his stuff, and just has fun spending another day in paradise that is South Florida.

Brighid dives off of Scubatyme

I have been on this boat often. A lot would be a better description. I have done mornings, afternoons, night dives, lobster dives, spear fishing, wreck and reef dives. I came on this boat when I shot a wreck by myself as part of becoming a PADI Dive Master years ago.

When I became dive certified, I came out on this boat with Mike Olson. We did a reef, he caught some lobster, and carried a spear gun.

I lost a lobster bag on this boat. Came up with a bag full of bugs, and at the dive ladder, had the clip break loose and the bag fall back to the bottom. This might have been easy to retrieve, but it was a night dive, my second, and I was down to about 800 pounds of air. A more agressive person would have thrown their body back to catch it.

Brighid has gotten out on this boat 3 times during 3 days of diving. 6 dives. And now she is certified. Here she is pictured not with Oliver, but with the new divemaster on Scuabatyme. Sad thing about Brighid getting certified, is she is her on a college weekend checking out schools. And she is close in size to the boats divemaster, who goes to college nearby.

Good to see her growing up, but sad to see her next to someone else for a reminder in a picture.

www.scubatyme.com The boat has changed owners from Gary, and the divemaster has changed from Oliver, but the fun of diving is still there.