Name doesn’t matter

A kid in our house is having a birthday today. Name doesn’t matter. She knows she is loved, by her mother, sisters, cats, dogs and her father.

Her father, never started out looking for a family.
He was reading a book, going to college in the evenings while stationed at the Philadelphia Naval Base, leaving his house at 0415 to report to work.
He got up that early so he could leave early to take his mother to therapy three days a week.

And then at therapy some girl kept asking him “What you doing?”
“What are you reading?:
“I am trying to read this textbook for an exam”
He eventually asked her out
She didn’t even know his first name or his last name
It was written on his uniform she saw him wearing 3 days a week
See line 1 above, name doesn’t matter

She stabbed him on their first date, right in the chest.
Crazy lady just reached in and stole his heart
He could not be parted from her if he tried

And if the time comes where she forgets his name again, he will be standing by her side every day of his life.
Because she allowed him to be part of something wonderful.
Her life
And to see her be the mother of three wonderful girls.

As one of them turns 23 today, I wish her Happy Birthday!
I wish you many more birthdays.

In all those years, you may get gifts, you may get a party, you may get well wishes, hugs, and kisses.But I have given you the best present I can possibly think of, your wonderful mother.

She is the one who gave you your name,

Happy Birthday Brighid Lora Skamarakas

When we have your birthday party, and everyone is singing Happy Birthday, I will be looking not at the cake or the candles. I will be looking at the love and joy on your mothers face. It fills the room, and I hope it fills your heart every day of your life.