DO NOT USE On The Edge Landscaping of Bellmawr NJ

I strongly recommend you do not use On The Edge landscaping of Bellmawr, NJ. I am not sure what sort of person displays such horrible behavor, but its enough to make me recommend you don’t give this type of person any money. It only encourages their horrible, and illegal, behavior.

We came home today to find ourselves unable to park in front of our house. The entire front of our house was blocked, including the handicapped parking, by a pickup truck and the enclosed tow behind trailer by the two guys fron On The Edge Lnadscaping of Bellmawr, NJ.

On The Edge Landscaping Maintenance Inc
715 Carter Ave
Bellmawr, NJ. 08031
Tel: 856-931-2885

I walked over to them, had to wait until one of them would stop mowing a lawn two doors down and across the street, and explain to them that they were parked illegally.

After a few minutes, the one guy flagged down the guy on the riding mower, who then finished mowing the lawn he was at. Then, drove his riding mower up into the trailer, and finally moved his truck.

As I write this, I don’t know if he is still parked 3′ off of the curb, but at least he isn’t parked in a handicapped spot anymore.

This behavior is first and foremost, illegal.
Did he offer an apology of any kind? Nope. Not a single word.

Was he parked next to the curb and just a foot into the blue painted curb?
Nope – he was 3′ off of the curb, and the entire pickup front wheels and door were inside the blue painted curbs of the handicapped parking spot.

Is this guy a retired Bellmawr cop and he is allowed to park like a total asshole without fear of a ticket?
Let’s hope not. If it was the case, then it speaks volumes about the lack of character of his fellow officers.

Could I have called the cops?
Yep – but instead we tried ot be polite, give him the benefit of the doubt that the drive of the pick-up truck is just simply a moron who only finished the 5th grade in school, and failed to understand the color blue.

So to the moron driving the truck, I hope you can find your way to Wal-Mart or Staples, pick up a box of 8 colored crayons for $0.89 and learn to tell the difference between all the colors before you park like a douche again and this time get a ticket, a fine, and find yourself doing landscaping on a State, County or municipal project for free as part of your community service project.

As for anyone who finds this guy in court on a similiar offense, and need a witness against him, please call us at any time. Once is for some people more then a fair warning.

Rip off report update Sarah Dusek Owner at Yellowstone Under Canvas

This was posted by Sarah Dusek, Owner at Yellowstone Under Canvas, responded to this review
July 14, 2012
We are not situated on National Forest Land or National Park Land and were only informed on the afternoon of 3rd July that the fire restrictions that had been put in place would affect the use of our wood stoves in our deluxe tents. This guest was informed as soon as was humanly possible that they would no longer be able to use their stove and this guest was incensed that we had not let them know ahead of time. This guest was offered a partial refund due to the inconvenience of lack of pre-arrival awareness however this was deemed still not to be acceptable, despite the fact their tent was very useable they still had access to a beautiful tent with a private bathroom and warm weather that would actually not warrant the use of the stove. This guest was abusive and threatening and such attitudes will not be accommodated in our camp.

Yellowstone Under Canvas - Artist concept image not how the place looks

To break down the lies and misdirection by Sarah Dusek, lets go step by step

1 – If you aren’t on NPS land areas, why are you under their control? To be specific, this location isn’t owned, it is leased sub letting on an existing ranch. But the overridding restrictions still come from the area NPS control.

2 – You just found out about it that day, but still didn’t have time to call us? Didn’t instruct your staff to offer a discount right at the desk upon check-in and notification? Didn’t have time to update your website for 5 days?

3 – Right now on last check, your website doesn’t mention the common summertime NPS fire restriction. Instead you put in a toilet lawyer disclaimer to CYA and screw the unsuspecting customers.

4 – Please tell us exactly how my sweet wife Anna and our two girls, 11 and 7, were so rude while getting the check-in tour, or during the lovely chat with the guy working for you during the sun downer? The only rude in this is your stubborn attitude towards common sense as a business owner.

5 – Thanks for issuing a refund. I withdrew my charge back. Your attempt to try and bribe me to only give a refund if we removed our review didn’t work out to well.


6 – 30 degrees isn’t cold enough to need heat?


Outlook 2010 sync issues folder

StupidityThe Outlook 2010 folder ‘Sync Issues” fills up with event log entries. As a retired Microsoft Senior Consultant, I can tell you what to do about this still ongoing support issue. You are not alone. This is frustrating for not only your users, but the Outlook desktop support teams and the Exchange Server support teams.

Help Desk staff across the globe have reported this annoyance issue, and none of the Microsoft customers I have spoken to about this issue like the answer we have had for the past 2 years “We are looking into it”

How do you stop the outlook 2010 sync issues folder from filling up with log entires? You can go into logging and turn off every setting, but the event entries will still appear. There is no UI or GPO setting as of yet to disable this annoying feature from our friends in Redmond.

Microsoft internal support logs show numerous calls, opened support incidents, and account TAM’s getting formal requests for resolution. None of these have done anything to nudge Microsoft into fixing the issue. This is yet another in the long line of things that are broken at the core of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange, and yet never get a positive resolution.

Why don’t we have a follow through on the commitment from the days of Bill Gates when we were told every feature being developed would have a GPO to enable or disable? Where is the org, domain or DC based GPO options to let enterprise customers turn this feature off?

How to fix the outlook 2010 sync issues folder problems, step by step from a retired Microsoft Senior Enterprise Strategy Consultant
The only way to delete the outlook 2010 sync issues folder entries is one of three options:
1. Let it pile up and ignore it – let’s call this the Redmond approach
2. Create a script to run on client side to delete the folder contents. We can call this the local work around
3. Tell the clients you are working on it WITH Microsoft. Produce a long document in the 50 page range with full screen shots formatted with headers and footers explaining the issue, giving warnings about scripts and the possibilities of the harm potential they may cause. And then recommend the delete it themselves, ignore it, or run the script; the choice of the three options to have been decided in version 1.0 of the document, which then after their decision is made, you document that and release the updated version 1.1 of the same document. And don’t forget bill the customer $285.00 per hour plus travel time and expenses. We will call this the Microsoft Consulting Services option.

Back home after 3 weeks

07/07/2012 – Returned home from our wonderful 3 week trek across America. Why do people say glad to be home? It’s better on vacation. Be sure to look for Anna to post wonderful trip reports and some awesome pictures from NJ to WA to Alaska and back home.

BTW – the rip off report and negative review of Yellowstone Under Canvas is still valid.

As of right now, their website still shows this scam / false statement:

1 July 2012
As with all outdoor businesses, we cannot control the weather and unfortunately do not issue refunds for guests wishing to cancel because of bad weather unless we have a direct safety concern.
Please be aware that Yellowstone temperatures often dip into the 30’s at night even in the summer. We provide bedding which is rated below 0, but still advise our guests to bring warm clothes to sleep in. Only our deluxe tents have heating.

Yellowstone Under Canvas RIPOFF Report

BEWARE OF SCAM at Yellowstone Under Canvas. Do not book a reservation at Yellowstone Under Canvas until you read this review and all its details.  Mtundercanvas and Yellowstone Under Canvas knew they were prohibited from using the heat stoves in their deluxe tents from an NPS order, yet three weeks after that order goes into effect – with major news coverage of the heat wave, droughts and forest fires – continues to tell potential customers on its website that they are able to provide heat in their tents and wood burning stoves.

When you check-in, they plead ignorant, offer you no option to cancel your reservation. They don’t even offer you the courtesy of a call an hour before you arrive. Why? Why would they wait until you arrive from a long day on the road, tired with a car load of family wanting to get into their tent for a fun night of “glamping”? To force you to pay for something they can’t provide, bend you over and take you, or to be concerned and compassionate merchants who want your repeat business?


Want a complete review of mtundercanvas, our stay in a deluxe tent and our stay at Yellowstone Under Canvas? The soft, good and bad I will leave to my wife Anna. I unfortunately have to deal with the ugly side of this outfit. The one that gets a review of “Do not stay here” until they fix their business practices. If you have a stay coming up try your best to get out of it now. Do let this organization get away with this type of poor service in any economy, let alone our current economy. They need to earn our dollars not rip you off.

06/22/2012 – National Park Service declares Fire State I, making it impossible to smoke cigarettes, run engines or have a campfire or fire inside a tent unless it is inside a Forest Service provided metal ring.


07/01/2012 – There is a news update at to remind you of the low temperatures at night. And that their deluxe tents have heat.

As with all outdoor businesses, we cannot control the weather and unfortunately do not issue refunds for guests wishing to cancel because of bad weather unless we have a direct safety concern.

Please be aware that Yellowstone temperatures often dip into the 30’s at night even in the summer. We provide bedding which is rated below 0, but still advise our guests to bring warm clothes to sleep in. Only our deluxe tents have heating.


07/03/2012 – We arrive at Yellowstone Under Canvas, and are presented with a photocopied or printed sheet of paper taped to the counter. And informed that “Oh my, we are so sorry, but we are unable to use the wood burning stoves in our deluxe tents due to an order. You know, with all the forest fires in the news.”

We are also handed a sheet and told all adult guests must sign this waiver saying we understand that this is a camp ground and trip and ankle hazards are at our own risk. This must be signed before you are let into the campground. We sign it, and she does not have a copy of it for us to keep.

We watched the sunset, and stayed until the temperature got so cold that we could not stay in our tent. Our car was covered in frost, our girls were cold, dressed wearing their North Face jackets. And we paid for a tent with heat but could not turn it on.

07/04/2012 – We sent an email to the owners letting them know that we were unable to stay, and asked them to provide a refund, less the cost for the wonderful sundown picnic.
07/05/2012 – We get this response:

From: Sarah Dusek []
Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2012 5:19 PM
Subject: Re: Stay 07/03/2012


Dear Jim,

Thank you for your email and your request to refund your stay with us due to the fact you were not permitted to use your wood stove. I completely understand this was very inconvenient for you and not what you expected for your stay. As I am sure you can understand though your safety and that of our other guests is our top priority and if a fire ban has been put in place in the area by either the National Park service or the National Forest Service we are obliged by law to comply. We were made aware of the fire ban and its application for our wood stoves on the 3rd July and therefore this was the first day it was in place at our camp. It would not have been possible therefore to have notified you earlier and even if we had we would still not be able to issue full refunds for cancelled bookings due to the fact your tent was still perfectly useable. As I am sure you are aware our guests stay in tents without a wood stove most of time even when temperatures drop below 32 degrees and most of our guests are young families. I appreciate you did not want your 1st grader to sleep in a tent without heat which was why you had booked a deluxe tent and so I completely understand why you choose to search for somewhere else to stay.  In light of this I am prepared to offer you a refund of $100 which represents the difference between an deluxe tent and a standard safaris.


I trust you will find this acceptable.


Best wishes


Sarah Dusek


Sage Safaris LLC
21004 St Joe Road
Havre, MT 59501


+1(406) 219-0441

07/05/2012 – What is on the website? – The same warning dated 07/01/2012 letting you know they have heat.
This is a scam and anyone thinking of staying with this organization needs to protect themselves. If you want to book a tee pee and are prepared for that outdoor experience, that is great. I am not discussing the pros and cons of glamping, or the beauty of this location. Go for it.  But if you want to book the deluxe tent, including heat,  you must do so at your own risk.
This operation is new, has lots of bugs to work out. But you don’t stay in business long if you try and work out the bugs by screwing over your customers.
Contact Information for Yellowstone Under Canvas:
Emergency Contact Number(s):
1(406)600-6670;   1(406)600-3287;   1(406)600-9425
Yellowstone Under Canvas is owned and operated by Sage Safaris LLC
Phone: 1(406)219-0441
Mailing Address: Sage Safaris LLC,
21004 St Joe Rd, Havre, MT 59501
Yellowstone Under Canvas is located on the Bar N Ranch
890 Buttermilk Creek Rd
West Yellowstone, MT 59758


DO NOT USE They purchase junk email mailing lists from 3rd party companies and are spamming thousands of veterans to harvest your PII. Do not fall victim to this site trying to obtain your NAME, E-MAIL and DATE OF BIRTH. With just those pieces of information, you can fall victim to massive identity theft and fraud.

The SPAM from
2 Winter St Ste 102
Waltham, MA 02451
Phone: 1-781-330-9195

Be sure to give them a call and ask them very politely “Hi, I am a veteran. Where and where did YOU serve, and why do you think that makes it okay for you to spam email me?” Take 30 seconds of your time to let them know what sort of scum they are for resorting to this crap.

Where did they purchase their e-mail list? “Did you join an opt-in database?” was the ignorant answer the unnamed gentleman on the phone provided. How ignorant? It is a well know fact of Internet marketing that there is no such thing as an optin database for sale. You are buying a harvested, sold or transfered marketing list. No one ever opts-in to some random site on the Internet and says “Here Mr or Mrs email marketing company, take my info and sell it to others to spam me.”

Where did he purchase the e-mai list? From “I think I may have bought it from them three years ago.”
1-800-794-1404 – the number to call to be removed from telephone and email marketing campaigns by this spam outfit through their content feedback line.

Stanford Health Alliance SCAM

DO NOT USE Pharmacy Discount Card. This is a piece of junk mail thrown into your mailbox from scavanged and purchased junk mailing lists. Its an ad campaign to grab your personal information and your medical history. There is no friends referring you for this card. Your church or school didn’t give up their members names and addresses as referrals for you to get this card. Its a piece of junk mail.

Throw it away.

Better yet, send it back to them and let them throw it away.

Pharmacy Discount Card
4410 Massachusetts Ave
Suite 106
Washington, D.C. 20016

Google maps says this address is on the campus of a University, right next to the admissions and student building. WARNING

Standford Health Alliance
12201 L Street NW
Washington, D.C. 20005

Google maps says this address is also on the campus of a University, in the middle of a clump of buildings

A pound of cure and a penny in their pocket?


Whats the scam? They send you a junk mail card. You use it to get a supposed unverified discount. They turn your info over to a pharmaceutical company to try and get a kickback on referrals to their brand of medicine.

Really? Is that how they make money? Can it really work that way? Are drug companies paying people to use discount cards when its already being sold as generics at Wegman’s, Target and Wal Mart?

How is it a scam Jim, I got a card with my name on it. Err no, wait its not a card with my name on it. Its a card with numbers and codes that the phone operators can’t use to look you up. Your name is printed on the envelope the cards are mailed to you.

And you will get the speech that someone referred you, or you signed up for the card. And befor eyou can say “No way” they continue with the speel till you go away. Don’t go away. Keep them on the phone on speaker while your doing something productive and eat into their operating costs. Programs that are scams need to die. If they just tell you “We bought your name in a mailing list.” or “We went through public records of everyone with a divers license in your state.” It would be better. But the scammers want to lie. And that should raise the hair on the back of your neck in warning.

What do they get? They get your name, address, prescription, doctrs name, dosage, date of birth. Wow, and its all protected under HIPAA? Well since they lie about who they are, where they are, and how they got your info to get you the card, would you really trust them with anything of your personal information?

But I will save “Up to 75%”. 75% off of full retail? Who pays that? Go to Wegman’s, Target, Wal Mart or other stores and get a photocopied printout of their generic drug prices. And then you know what the real price is. Then see if you get a discount from that number.

The envelope, with the obvious bogus Official Use Do Not Bend label, says it was mailed from 60515. Which is Downers Grove, IL. Which means, that small drug company is sending it? Hmm, thats not likely. But by having that addres,s it increases the chances if you do some casual research you will be fooled or duped.

Songs to play at Jim’s funeral Version IV

This is an update from Version 3

Added to the list today is this song, which is a dozy, but when you watch this video, woo boy



Tom T Hall Fast Horses (The cowby and the poet)

<insert other songs here as i remember them, or better yet people comment who remmber this list as I told them. I mean, if I liked you, or loved you, or both, enough to share this list, I would hope you would have remembered.

and of course

George Jones He stopped loving her today
Alcazar Crying at the Discoteque

And songs not to play

Amazing Grace or anything else on bag pipes. I love this song, but it’s overdone and it so says funeral it has no character to it.

Gabe Watson honeymoon killer jokes

Tina and Gabe Watson scuba diving death jokes.
Gabe Watson is on trial for murder of his wife Tina Watson for a life insurance policy in Alabama after her death during a scuba diving accident in Australia.

What did the dive boat Captain Tina died on say to the next group of divers?

“Hey, you’re the first guest since…’the accident’.”

What did the Captain of the dive boat Spoilsport  say about taking divers out to the site of the SS Yongala, a passenger ship that sank in 1911?

“Sorry, we can’t take reservations until last week’s group is found.”

What are the names of the dive boats Tina and Gabe Watson dove from?

The Spoilsport I and the Spoilsport III. The Spoilsport II is our first dive for the day, located in 130 feet, five miles out.”

What did the Captain and Dive Master onboard the Spolisport say about the strong currents that day?

“Don’t worry about the currents, if we don’t find you I’m sure Search and Rescue will.”


What did Gabe Watson’s new wive say about planning their honeymoon?
“Hey honey lets go to the mountains, the ocean is so last year.”


What did the Captain of the Spoilsport and the Dive Master tell Tina Watson about the metric system gauges when she was diving in Australia?

I know you don’t understand metric gauges, “YOU’LL KNOW WHEN YOU’RE OUT OF AIR!!”


What did Gabe Watson tell Tina Watson right before they jumped into the ocean?
“Honey be sure to smile for the souvenier picture”

Smile! We also sell souvenir frames



Do not use – ever

Horrible outfit, with no purpose other then to rip off the less web savvy individuals. Go to FaceBook and find your School there for free. If it isn’t there, make a group for it. And start finding your old classmates through your friends. All for free on FaceBook. Or its next social media replacement. But never give money and never use – ever

Sent: Monday, January 23, 2012 6:46 AM
To: ‘’
Subject: RE: Your Blog regarding


Hello Craig,


Just checking – your letter via your real Nigerian barrister hasn’t arrived yet with our court date.


With you,

Your better



From: Craig Beaty []
Sent: Monday, February 08, 2010 9:12 AM
Subject: Your Blog regarding


Mr Skamarakas,


Your blog regarding “do no use” has been brought to my attention.  As the owner of this website, I am deeply disturbed by your defamatory statements which are completely untrue and damaging to say the least.  I cannot recall being contacted by yourself at any point regarding issues that you may have had, and it appears that you have arrived at incorrect conclusions without any regard to the actual facts.


I therefore request that you remove this blog with immediate effect and I would like to receive confirmation from you within 5 working days that this has been done.  If you do not confirm that the libellous blog has been removed, I shall instruct my lawyers to proceed down the legal route of defamation without any further notice.


Your Sincerely

Craig Beaty