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Order Date: May 25, 2004
Order #: 102-9896786-3132112
Recipient: James Skamarakas


  • 1 of: Dark Star
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  • 1 of: The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension (Special Edition)
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  • 1 of: The Hobbit
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Today is my birthday

Another year older, another year wiser and yet also not wiser, another year to
do stupid things and fun things.And another year to continue to tell people I am
29. So, why are you getting this email?

Do I have a communicable disease, and we held hands in the past few days? Nope =
but I wont say which part or if its both. I sent this to you because we have
spoken, emailed, IM’d, worked, played  or BS’d in the past 24 hours.
And I remembered it when I started to put down the names on this email. No
journal, or looking in my inbox, outbox or trash can. You are on a short list of
people who as I sit here in awe that my birthday took me by surprise, I have
interacted with.

Not much has happened in that short period of time. But I have gotten 1 year
older. If you have read this far, you have spent 45 seconds contemplating my
birthday. That is more time then I did. Until a few moments ago when my playing
a video game at home was interrupted by a reminder that, of all things – Jim
Skamarakas’ Birthday had occurred.

I fill out Birthday and Anniversary dates on every person I can in Outlook’s
contact cards. But never have I seen my own pop up before. And never would I
have thought it would catch me by surprise.

I could wake the baby, Eilis – she wouldn’t understand
I could wake my wife, Anna – she would get mad
I could call you and tell you – you would get really ticked at my waking you at
this hour

So, after contemplating my birthday for 60 seconds,
If you are ticked at me for something, please accept my apology.
If you are sitting in that video game staring at my unmoving character, now you
know what I was doing.

if you are thinking of sending me a reply marked Happy Birthday, I’ll thank you
But beyond that, I wanted to thank you for having the pleasure of knowing you
for all this time, but also in the past 24 hours, the start of my birthday.

Ask the Microsoft Experts

Be sure to come to the “Ask the Microsoft Experts” session at 3:30 today and fire away your questions at Dey, Richardson, Neal, Skamarakas. An honor for me to be speaking at the conference again, and participating with Brady, martin, Wally and everyone else

Ask the Microsoft Experts This session gives anyone using SMS an opportunity to ask the SMS Developers and SMS Product Team from Microsoft any question regarding the product. Ask questions specific to your company or generally around SMS and its future. Microphones are provided for questions. Additionally, you may submit questions that will be compiled and asked randomly to the panel.

A Survival Guide for Windows NT security

A Survival Guide for Windows NT security
A consensus document by security professionals from eighty-seven large user organizations.
Version 2.0 February 9, 1999
This document is the joint product of a group of Windows NT security managers and experts who, together, support more than 252,000 users and have more than 300 years of Windows NT security experience.
The SANS Institute enthusiastically applauds the work of these professionals and their willingness to share the lessons they have learned and the techniques they use.

Defrag and RAID facts vs Fiction

I am an avid believer that we need to make some educated decisions on defrag benefits on servers, especially servers running hardware RAID. Really, does anyone run software RAID?

WINDOWS NT LIST – February 1997 Archives: Defrag and RAID facts vs …James Skamarakas (SKAMARAJ@STRICOM.ARMY.MIL) … Jim Skamarakas MCSE MasterCNE,
plus the credentials that I am most proud of: DAD …

Brighid Lora Skamarakas is born

Brighid Lora Skamarakas is born. Her mom should have the whole story down in her blog so I will link to it here _______
And send her a link to this entry to fill out her part. Heck I’ll post it in the forums so everyone can tell her how they want to read the story.

My part is spending the morning showing our condo to a future tenant then running to the hospital. After she is born I go out into the waiting room to tell everyone and they think something horrible happened since I could not talk straight and was crying – something my mother in law and Father Dan Sherman had never scene.

Stranded at sea

Sailing in the Caribbean onboard the USS PATTERSON, we returned to sea after suffering several small fires from efforts to restart a faulty generator while the ship is conducting drills in the Caribbean. The PATTERSON was subsequently towed to Roosevelt Roads, Puerto Rico, for one day or repairs. No injuries or damage to the ship are reported.

Now where do we report the fun things like having to lower the motor whaleboat to send someone to shore to use a pay phone to call for help? And where to we report the other ships name that came alongside and hooked us up to shore power cables to give us a jump start? This was a great little Navy adventure