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Detached retina and medical marijuana

Medical marijuana and eye problems

1. I am not a drug user, pot smoker of pot head
2. If a natural product smoked or ingested helps you, that’s a personal choice
3. For many the costs or accessibility may make this route much more doable then life long meds

What is glaucoma and is glaucoma directly correlated with having a retinal detachment?

If I have glaucoma, am I at an increased risk for developing a retinal detachment?
The answer to this question is “maybe,” but it is not common. Primary open-angle glaucoma itself does not predispose you to developing retinal detachments in the future; however, one of the medications that we use to use to treat glaucoma has a known side effect of causing an increased risk of developing retinal detachment. The medication pilocarpine (it has a green cap) has long been known to have an increased association of retinal detachments, but we now have much better medications and pilocarpine is no longer commonly used to treat this eye disease. Secondly, there are a couple of special cases in which patients might develop retinal problems that can lead to both glaucoma and a retinal detachment (neovascular glaucoma from uncontrolled diabetes, for example). In these cases, they would likely occur because of the new blood vessel growth in the angle of the eye and on the retina, but the glaucoma itself still does not cause retinal detachments.


Can a retinal detachment cause a secondary glaucoma?

The answer to this question is “yes.” There is a special type of glaucoma called “Schwartz-Matsuo Syndrome” in which a retinal detachment occurs and the photoreceptors (small light sensing cells in the retina) are dislodged from the retina. They float in the vitreous and aqueous inside the eye and eventually get clogged in the trabecular meshwork drainage system. If the trabecular meshwork get clogged enough, it is possible for the pressure to elevate and cause glaucoma.

I didn’t post this to push for marijuana legalization. I am in favor of it for ethical, legal and economic reasons.

I posted it because it’s in the news as more US States pass various levels of legalization along with those hydroponic homeopathic remedy users

And I wondered of all the eye problems covered under various marijuana legalization initiatives glaucoma was listed but never RD

To Chief of Navy Chaplains

Admiral thank you for your leadership and to all of the Chaplains for their hard work and dedication to our shipmates.

Please start staffing the US NAVY with Atheist/Humanist Chaplains

The Chaplains office provides so much more then words of “magic” or “mystical incantations”. It provides help, guidance and compassion

Please remember that it’s not your command Admiral. You have been entrusted with more then the CO of a CVN. Your office has been entrusted with the care of our sailors

And many of those sailors don’t want to hear about mysterious Iron Age men, unicorns and sky cloud beings. They have concerns here on Earth, on above and below our oceans. In the today and now

Don’t dishonor or dismiss all of the former shipmates or those serving today by ignoring them because of not believing in your

Those are our shipmates everyone of them regardless of religious preference

The US needs to end the War on Terror

We need to be done with Iran and Iraq

The war on terror was about 9/11 ( many IS Citizens don’t even know the year without thinking it was so long ago)

The war on terror was about WMD’s


And about shoes and socks and an army of tens of thousands of blue shirted TSA employees

The TSA who have caught zero terrorists


It is time all the nonsense ended

And time for the Patriots to demand we protect Americans and US soil. We need to ensure the rights and liberties of all US Citizens are protected at home first before we get involved with the rest of the world’s problems.

And time for the Conservatives to demand our debt ridden nation stops spending on wars we can’t afford. Military spending is going to push us even further into the fiscal crisis we have been suffering for over a decade.

Let the rest of the world handle their own problems. They can go to China, the UN, NATO, and their neighboring nations. Solve your own problems, let US solve US problems


I don’t need to mention billions spent already. – our economy and debt crisis show those scars

More importantly our troops lost can never be returned to us.


our country isn’t what it was before 9/11 and if we don’t stop it never will return to us as our country.


How to fight and severely weaken a corrupt municipal law enforcement system

I want to comment on court costs and issues in court. A few starting points. I am not an attorney, although I did sleep with a woman at a Holiday Inn Express one night, so I know I am a good negotiator. Use everything I or anyone else gives you over the Internet or in person for free as being worth exactly that amount. You need to do your own research and verify not only what you read here, but how it applies in your local jurisdiction.


You have a ticket. Great – now let’s get started

The Police Employee pulling you over is an employee, and has a supervisor, and ultimately is responsible to the municipality and their elected mayor and council members. Names change, but it’s the same. Local government, county government, parish or whatever it’s called. Running that system is the paid government employees who don’t care you got a ticket. They all eventually report up to the elected mayor, freeholders, councilmen, or elders.

The Police Employees costs money per hour, and has a budget to work under. When the Police Employee is sitting on the side of the road, it costs money. If the Police Employee pulls you over, he still gets paid. If the Police Employee calls for a 2nd or 3rd Police Employee to back them up because:

your being profiled
for their safety
your filming them
some departmental policy.

It doesn’t matter why,  or how many, they are working and being paid their salary and benefits. Being at a traffic stop and having 5 Police Employees show up doesn’t increase your costs to the local government. Those Police Employees were already working, on the schedule, in their cars burning up fuel costs from that budget.

What you have done it prevented those 2 or 3 Police Employees from pulling someone else over. And that hurts the revenue item in the budget. And that is where you win in this horrible game with the Police Employees, their unions and the duped municipal government officials and the wool over their eyes electorate.

It didn’t cost the town more to have 4 Police Employees and a dog walking all around your car at 2 AM. It might costs the doughnut shop or diner, but not the town. You have to think about how to fight the system and where the trail of money goes. If the Police Employee is on duty, its a baseline cost already in the budget. If you get the Police Employee to come in on overtime to go to Court, that is also budgeted but its a budget that can be exceeded. The Judge and Court officials are being paid to be there. That is in the budget, but if they have to stick around because your case took 3 hours instead of 3 seconds, that increases the strain on the local budget.


Your fine, if your lose, is the only income to offset those costs. The sooner you pay that fine, the more you help feed the system. We don’t feed trolls and we don’t feed the corrupt system going after US Citizens for victim less crimes with excessive force. Why is a Police Employee going after you for doing 30 in a 25 with 3 units for backup? Because their salary pays union dues to lobby and campaign about all the good they do for society. They are spending your money to ask you to pay them more and higher more of their friends.


Immediately go find out what your rights are to fight the ticket, in court, in front of a judge. Find out what the discovery rules are, and start sending out certified mail discovery documents.

Request everything in writing, including
duty rosters
training schedules
names of all Police Employees on duty at that time
and a very big item is to request notice of all witnesses who will testify at your hearing and all documents that will be presented as evidence at the trial


Those items alone will help you frame what to ask at trial. The Prosecutor gets to present evidence. Make sure you object constantly to anything that wasn’t disclosed ahead of time.

If the Judge wants to allow it, ask for a new court date to give you time to review the materials properly and make a proper legal defense. If the Judge offers you 30 minutes, ask for 30 days.

Your Honor, I require time to read this new evidence, and prepare a proper defense. Without proper time to prepare a legal defense, how am I going to have a fair trial? I request in accordance with the Court rules and materials from the Prosecutor. The Prosecutor has had ample time to review these materials. Why would I be denied the same?

A lot of this is sounding long winded, but it does two things. It states, the facts and it forces the Judges hand. That hand can do two things. Agree and give you the time, delaying everything yet again. Or decide against you, and give you an argument at a 2nd hearing or an appeal hearing.


And this point cannot be stressed enough – SPEAK LOUDLY AND CLEARLY. Have all interactions on recording. If you can record, audio or video yourself do it. If the Court requires you to obtain approval to record, ask for it. All of this delays the proceedings, eats up time, and prevents them from getting away with it from other unknowing victims. If you are handed a piece of paper, a document or a photograph, READ ALOUD “Your Honor, I have been handed a photograph from the Court Bailiff, given to her by the Prosecutor, entitled “Some stupid document”.


If it gets thrown at you – IMMEDIATELY AND LOUDLY  cry out to the Court for this assault that has occurred. I have personally seen a municipal Prosecutor up on charges, gone to a trial in one local Court, had it moved to another for conflict of Interest, watch the second municipal Judge review the case and send it to a State Superior Court to avoid any conflict of interest, and seen on 2 occasions that Prosecutor have to stand in front of a State Superior Court Judge. It ended up thrown out because my complaints didn’t make it to the final recording and I didn’t have my own video or audio.  Is that a win? It was a huge time sync and budget drain. And I had a good time. It was worthy of bringing popcorn to watch an attorney with a moments lack of professionalism find himself on trial facing the end of his career for a stack of papers.


If you are the victim of stacking, fight each charge separately. If you have been given separate tickets with separate charges on them, request discovery on each ticket separately. Using your word processor, Word or Google docs, change the line item, order of your requests and the working so that the Prosecutor’s Office has to do a lot of work, generating billable hours for him – which he won’t mind – but he also has a budget work within.


When it comes time for the trial, you need to be prepared to object to evidence. If you have not gotten discovery request back in a timely fashion, you need to prepare in writing what you are going to say in your own words and have a written motion to dismiss for failure to comply with discovery for each and every charge.


Now, find out what time the court has hours the day of your appearance. If you have to be there at 9AM and it starts at 9AM, go to an earlier day of court to observe the judge, the prosecutor and Police Employee. Talk to people around you who are fighting to compare notes. And politely take the cards if an attorney offers it, but don’t get one.

All you need to go to court is a big of homework, a calm and professional demeanor, and be prepard. An educated US Citizen if a Police Employee’s biggest obstacle.

How does a Prosecutor’s Office work?
They have to do all the work to prove the case. In a criminal trial for murder that could be a lot. For a speeding ticket it could be as simple as talk to the Police Employee and offer you a deal to speed up the process for the night.


See where you cannot change the costs to the municipality and the court to be lower. You CAN make them higher. And for every US Citizen who exercises your rights to a full and fair trial, you delay them from collecting against others. You increase their costs.


A Prosecutor can’t do anything without the Police Employee there. Why settle anything in advance, make them work.

A Prosecutor can’t win if his case gets dismissed for failing to follow the rules of the Court for Discovery. Why would you not spend a few minutes with Google, find samples for your State, and burn a few pieces of paper. In fact, do the work at home, and then print them at your local library if you want. You are paying for that also, so why not use those services.


If 3 Police Employees are witnesses, then send them a summons to appear. This ensures they have to be scheduled for court time. It brings it to their supervisor’s attention. And if you have 3 Police Employees in their cars watching you get a single ticket, have 3 Police Employees sitting in the court room waiting to be called to testify. That’s your Police Employee on the ticket who has to be there. And that’s 2 other Police Employee’s getting paid for court time and not writing other tickets.


This rambling isn’t by any means all inclusive. It’s to help you understand a different angle on this corrupt system where Police Employee’s money from taxpayers goes to their unions to lobby for laws like Click It or Ticket so they can write more tickets to justify more cops and more courtroom time, all of which is paid. It’s a vicious cycle that is fed by public ignorance that being a Police Employee is a dangerous job, and that Police Employees are grossly underpaid.


Your local government is going to question why their court costs budget is going up, and the court revenues aren’t. They are going to question why expenses to the municipal prosecutor are so higher then budget. And they are going to see that revenues from the court and from tickets are down. That leaves them two choices, raise taxes, including on themselves, or reevaluate how much is being wasted on victimless crimes and Police Employee unnecessary salaries.


ISLP is a scam

DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM from Marguerite C. Regan, Ph.D., the self proclaimed Dean of Academic Affairs at the International Scholar Laureate Program.

It is a travel agency operating under the badly fitting disguise of a college program for bright people.

Do your research on People to People, Ambassador programs, Envision EMI, or the thousands o funsuspecting parents and children who fell prey to these outfits at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

How Jim is this a scam?

#1 0 How did they find your information? In my case, they purchased a mailing list from a college scholarship honor society. Do they tell you this? Why no, that would be facts and truth. Instead they say you are nominated for your awesomeness of being, well awesome. What is the criteria for this awesomeness? Is it just your name on the mailing list they purchased?

#2 – The big scam lie that continues from the high school scam to the college years — YOU, yes you and all your awesomeness were nominated. That is so amazing, because everyone of my high school teachers and college professors has my home name and address, and secretly sits at home at night sending out this personal information to third party outfits who will then ask me for money to go on a trip

#3 – and this is the biggest part of this scam — you did not win anything. You were not awarded anything. What you have in your email or snail mail hannds is a slick, colorful, raised seal piece of crap asking you and your parents to pay money to send you on a vacation / field trip.

But, but they said I was nominated and I won a major award. Until the crate from Italy shows up, you won the chance to pay them to be your travel agent. Because as everyone knows, college kids are too shy to go anywhere by themselves. They need a paid outfit to arrange things that are complicated and hard, like airfare and hotel.

#4 — in this modern age, here is an interesting twist. How much is it to attend if I pay my own travel directly? I mean, since I was nominated, and won, shouldn’t that portion be free?


International Scholar Laureate Program
1919 Gallows Road, Suite 700
Vienna, VA 22182

Contact them and ask these questions. And please share the honest truth of the answers. Your in college, so your bright, right?

BTW – be sure to ask WHO gave them your info, and ask if they paid for it. Then decide if its real. No one accepts nominations from instructors, professors or teachers and coaches and doesn’t keep track of who that nominator was. It doesn’t make good sense in days of paper, and in days of computers and databases, its free contact information. So why won’t they tell you?
phone: (800) 778-0164


He was my best friend and he slept with my wife

I can never speak to that guy, he was my best friend and he slept with my wife.

Well, he was your best friend, and if she slept with him, she is a whore, so she would have slept with anybody anyway. This isn’t about the whore, who may still be your lovely wife, your friendly ex-wife, or that bitter nasty piece of trash you can’t wait till the kids turn 18 to be done with her skank ass forever.


This is about the guy who you called a friend. He may have been your best friend, dude, guy, main man, hommie, amigo, kaypassa. Whatever he was, you and him where friends. You chatted over coffee, doughnuts, pizza or burgers, or beer or drinks. He has been to your house, or you have been to his, if even just to swap cars for a road trip to go hunting or see a game.

Is he sorry for it? Did he apologize for getting drunk and falling for the call of the wild? If so, why can’t you in some sense look at the guy and appreciate the fact that he got some trim. Granted it was yours, but I refer you to the first section on skanks and whores.

Did he marry her? – If yes, then tell the story about his marrying a skanky whore and describe all the shit she did with you on that trip to Jamaica, letting the world know he’s on a short trip to VD or HIV. But still buy him a drink or at least a toast at the bowling league holiday party.

Did he just get to kick boots once, and its done? – While he might not be your best friend anymore, does this mean you can’t wish him a happy birthday? You don’t have to send him an anniversary card every year with a picture on the front of a belt with notches in it. But you can still say hello and clink mugs at the party.

If your best friend did something as offensive as bag your old lady, or something worse like ask to borrow your car and do it in your car, leaving you to clean the mess up, he was still your friend one time. It will never go back to the way it was, but will you go to say your last respects at his funeral? Well of course, you will. Then why say your final words at the funeral where he can’t hear them. Show him your the bigger man, no matter what that whore moaned in his ear, and call him to wish him Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2013!

If he did something less offensive like well, anything else you can think of, can’t you do the same anyway?


DaY 19 – Happy for Eunuchs

Day 19 of the 30 days of thanks, and I am thankful for Eunuchs. Now in this day and age most people don’t know many. I know of a few. And they all have four things in common

1 – Obviouslly, being dickless
2 – Dated my wife before me
3 – Failed to understand how much a prize she is
4 – Didn’t do everything they could to win her hand

From our first date, I did everything I could to impress her.

Today, we have been together for 1 score and a number of years. We cuddled in bed together, took a ride talking, went to the store together and talked to each other about items we were shopping for. A few items, and some Christmas gifts. We talked about budgets, gits that are the most fun and best value for our money. And the things for our kids, family and friends to spread holiday cheer. She is so wonderful.

And giggling, laughing, rubbing her back, and holding and kissing her hand.


So today, I will give my thanks to all the eunuchs, for that is the only reason someone could have passed on such a prize.

CCP CSM Submission photo

DO NOT USE On The Edge Landscaping of Bellmawr NJ

I strongly recommend you do not use On The Edge landscaping of Bellmawr, NJ. I am not sure what sort of person displays such horrible behavor, but its enough to make me recommend you don’t give this type of person any money. It only encourages their horrible, and illegal, behavior.

We came home today to find ourselves unable to park in front of our house. The entire front of our house was blocked, including the handicapped parking, by a pickup truck and the enclosed tow behind trailer by the two guys fron On The Edge Lnadscaping of Bellmawr, NJ.

On The Edge Landscaping Maintenance Inc
715 Carter Ave
Bellmawr, NJ. 08031
Tel: 856-931-2885

I walked over to them, had to wait until one of them would stop mowing a lawn two doors down and across the street, and explain to them that they were parked illegally.

After a few minutes, the one guy flagged down the guy on the riding mower, who then finished mowing the lawn he was at. Then, drove his riding mower up into the trailer, and finally moved his truck.

As I write this, I don’t know if he is still parked 3′ off of the curb, but at least he isn’t parked in a handicapped spot anymore.

This behavior is first and foremost, illegal.
Did he offer an apology of any kind? Nope. Not a single word.

Was he parked next to the curb and just a foot into the blue painted curb?
Nope – he was 3′ off of the curb, and the entire pickup front wheels and door were inside the blue painted curbs of the handicapped parking spot.

Is this guy a retired Bellmawr cop and he is allowed to park like a total asshole without fear of a ticket?
Let’s hope not. If it was the case, then it speaks volumes about the lack of character of his fellow officers.

Could I have called the cops?
Yep – but instead we tried ot be polite, give him the benefit of the doubt that the drive of the pick-up truck is just simply a moron who only finished the 5th grade in school, and failed to understand the color blue.

So to the moron driving the truck, I hope you can find your way to Wal-Mart or Staples, pick up a box of 8 colored crayons for $0.89 and learn to tell the difference between all the colors before you park like a douche again and this time get a ticket, a fine, and find yourself doing landscaping on a State, County or municipal project for free as part of your community service project.

As for anyone who finds this guy in court on a similiar offense, and need a witness against him, please call us at any time. Once is for some people more then a fair warning.


Rip off report update Sarah Dusek Owner at Yellowstone Under Canvas

This was posted by Sarah Dusek, Owner at Yellowstone Under Canvas, responded to this review
July 14, 2012
We are not situated on National Forest Land or National Park Land and were only informed on the afternoon of 3rd July that the fire restrictions that had been put in place would affect the use of our wood stoves in our deluxe tents. This guest was informed as soon as was humanly possible that they would no longer be able to use their stove and this guest was incensed that we had not let them know ahead of time. This guest was offered a partial refund due to the inconvenience of lack of pre-arrival awareness however this was deemed still not to be acceptable, despite the fact their tent was very useable they still had access to a beautiful tent with a private bathroom and warm weather that would actually not warrant the use of the stove. This guest was abusive and threatening and such attitudes will not be accommodated in our camp.

Yellowstone Under Canvas - Artist concept image not how the place looks

To break down the lies and misdirection by Sarah Dusek, lets go step by step

1 – If you aren’t on NPS land areas, why are you under their control? To be specific, this location isn’t owned, it is leased sub letting on an existing ranch. But the overridding restrictions still come from the area NPS control.

2 – You just found out about it that day, but still didn’t have time to call us? Didn’t instruct your staff to offer a discount right at the desk upon check-in and notification? Didn’t have time to update your website for 5 days?

3 – Right now on last check, your website doesn’t mention the common summertime NPS fire restriction. Instead you put in a toilet lawyer disclaimer to CYA and screw the unsuspecting customers.

4 – Please tell us exactly how my sweet wife Anna and our two girls, 11 and 7, were so rude while getting the check-in tour, or during the lovely chat with the guy working for you during the sun downer? The only rude in this is your stubborn attitude towards common sense as a business owner.

5 – Thanks for issuing a refund. I withdrew my charge back. Your attempt to try and bribe me to only give a refund if we removed our review didn’t work out to well.


6 – 30 degrees isn’t cold enough to need heat?