Name doesn’t matter

A kid in our house is having a birthday today. Name doesn’t matter. She knows she is loved, by her mother, sisters, cats, dogs and her father.

Her father, never started out looking for a family.
He was reading a book, going to college in the evenings while stationed at the Philadelphia Naval Base, leaving his house at 0415 to report to work.
He got up that early so he could leave early to take his mother to therapy three days a week.

And then at therapy some girl kept asking him “What you doing?”
“What are you reading?:
“I am trying to read this textbook for an exam”
He eventually asked her out
She didn’t even know his first name or his last name
It was written on his uniform she saw him wearing 3 days a week
See line 1 above, name doesn’t matter

She stabbed him on their first date, right in the chest.
Crazy lady just reached in and stole his heart
He could not be parted from her if he tried

And if the time comes where she forgets his name again, he will be standing by her side every day of his life.
Because she allowed him to be part of something wonderful.
Her life
And to see her be the mother of three wonderful girls.

As one of them turns 23 today, I wish her Happy Birthday!
I wish you many more birthdays.

In all those years, you may get gifts, you may get a party, you may get well wishes, hugs, and kisses.But I have given you the best present I can possibly think of, your wonderful mother.

She is the one who gave you your name,

Happy Birthday Brighid Lora Skamarakas

When we have your birthday party, and everyone is singing Happy Birthday, I will be looking not at the cake or the candles. I will be looking at the love and joy on your mothers face. It fills the room, and I hope it fills your heart every day of your life.

Dear Mrs. Eilis’ Teacher

Eilis will not be in class on Wednesday March 17th, 2010 and will be a little bit late arriving on the morning of Thursday March 18th, 2010. Eilis will be participating in a family tradition of celebrating the feast day of our family’s patron Saint of Ireland, St. Patrick. She will be attending mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral, with the rest of the day spent introducing her to the history and culture of New York.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any time at or


Eilis’ Father

1,000 Twitter Followers gets Anna a pair of Uggs

Anna already has her Christmas present this year – she killed me and abandoned her Windows Mobile phone, an AT&T Tilt, and got an Apple iPhone 3GS 32GB. And then opened the present early. In fact, she had it opened before we left the store.

But today, after weeks of her just loving the end user experience, she announced that she has over 400 followers on Tweeter.

Well, If I wake up on Christmas morning, 12:01 AM Eastern 12/25/2009, and Anna has 1,000 or more Twitter followers, she will get a pair of Ugg Boots.

Why do this? Just to rally her tweeple, followers, Facebook fans and friends. And I like reading what she writes. And encourage of not beg her to write family blog updates, and stuff she gets paid to do. My reach goal is that this encourages her to continue to write more in 2010. Only time will tell.

What does she get if she misses the goal of 1,000 followers? Not the Ugg boots. Seems like a pretty fun challenge for her and her friends.

Children christmas candy cane creations

On our Sunday trip to Aunt Charlottes Candy Shop Maple Ave Maple Shade, NJ the girls got a few nice suprises.

On arrival they wear briefed on don’t touch anything. Wee what fun!

Eilis waiting to make her candy cane

Our hostess asks of they can go watch the making of candy canes.

Anna sent the three of us along to follow our hostess in the back up stairs and then to another room with long tables. There the girls each got handed a piece of hot taffy right off of the giant roll.








Aunt Charlotte hostess, candy cane, Granuaile, and a hiney 2nd only to her Daddy's












Granuaile's two candy canes cooling waiting to be wrapped

After watching and then making their canes we put them on a cooler table before wrapping them up to take down stairs and show to their Mommy.









Granuaile decided to snag a chocolate lollipop off of the counter and told to put it back.
Tears and a Mommy and her baby moment later and Mommy was buying it for her. Picture of crabby Granuaile telling everyone that Daddy is mean was not available at the time of this blog. But Im sure you can picture it in your mind. Just look at the cute hiney above walking away from you blaming you.

Next came Mr. Aunt Charlotte tossing brand new crisp dollar bills. Both girls won a bill – Eilis by calling heads and Granuaile by snagging it in the air and saying thank you.
Eilis bought a chocolate cell phone and Granuaile a chocolate race car.

I have money

Eilis was on her best behaviour as she knew one slip up would ruin her chances this Christmas for that little red rider cell phone, combination puppy with hamsters in the stock. The girls all waiting patiently while the candies were boxed wrapped and I paid the bill. Um yeah… If he puts the camera away and pays the bill we can eat it on the way to the car







Leading by example Mommy Anna Skamarakas waits till we get to the car to start opening candy boxes

 The bill is paid, and out the door we go with candy for 2 grandmothers, work, and some stuff to bring home.

And here we see Anna waiting until we get home to look in the bag for candy for herself. Ignore the Aunt Charlottes parking lit around her.

December 7th, 2009

Monday and a day that will live in infamay. Today Jim is sporting a dress shirt, in candy cane red pin stripes, and a lovely holiday tie. Compliments from the Orlando, Charlotte and on board USAirways ladies. And in the office. Thank you ladies, all very much for your kind compliments.

Todays tie shows a festive collection of snowmen on a red background, just the tie to compliment the red pin striped dress shirt.

December 3rd, 2009

Jim is wearing a blue button down shirt, khaki pants, brown leather belt and borwn leather dress shoes. And of course no ensamble would be complete without the wonderfully festive holiday silk tie. This holiday fashion must have is shown featuring Santa Clause sitting in a hot tub with the reindeer after a hard nights work delivering presents to all the good boys and girls and sexy lingere to all the naughty sexy irish Woman of the great easern half of the United States of America.

Remember gentleman, ladies want sexy outfits for Christmas, just put them in boxes from her to you and don’t forget to get her something she wants that is for her and only her.

December 2nd, 2009

Today Jim is sporting a shirt with a buttoned down collar and a wonderfully festive holiday silk tie featuring A snow flake theme and Santa and his Elves getting ready for Christmas. Jim is dressed in a casual pair of blue jeans with dressy casual shoes from some guy. Jim is wearing them because he bought them, and only once did anyone ever know the name of them, and that was Nigel Boney.

Nigel, posessed of way more fashion sense them Jim got the name of the shoes correct. Jim thinks he got them at the Cherry Hill Mall at a store called Something & someone, or such name. Walker & Bush?

December 1st, 2009

Its the first day of December and time once again to reach into the tie rack and pull forth all of those wonderful joyous, tasteful, fun, spirit filled holiday silk ties. And of course button the top button on my shirts and tie that half windsor knot that helps bring out my lines, profiles and wonderful yet humble dimples.


Today we find Jim sporting a black sledding tie showing all of the Disney characters including Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Pluto.

Sonic for Halloween

I dont know what Sonic has to do with Halloween. I don’t know what corn dogs have to do with Halloween. But the commercial had a deal going, so i suprised the family with a trip to our new neighborhood Sonic drive in in Audubon, NJ. This is our 4th visit to a Sonic. 1st in Orlando, which is closed. The 2nd was somewhere on I-95 and on an Anna trip report. The 3rd was in New Mexico and would be on an Anna trip report if she did those any more.

We got the corn dogs, stuffed poppers, and a cheeseburger and unsweetened iced tea for Anna. Nothing wrong, nothing special. But we where there for the corn dog special.