If you are interested in advertising here, I am interested in getting your money. How much do I charge? As much as you are willing to pay. Want to put up a 125×125 graphic ad or link back to your site? No problem – it starts at $5.00 per month.

How do we do for traffic? September, 2008 was – 6,252 visits and 8.514 views. With an add above the fold, you would be looking at a huge deal at $0.62 CPM




Why so cheap? because I give the money to Anna anyway, so I don’t see the money.

But seriously, if you want to advertise, drop me a note or reply to this page and lets start working together.

Do you have a similiar site and want to do a graphics ad link exchange? They lets talk – drop me a serious email with your button and link details. I’ll check out the site and if its a match send you a matching button back – BTW – are you good at making 125×125 buttons? Let me know.

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