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Jim Skamarakas is a father, gamer, SCUBA diver, low vision survivor, great guy, and handsome with 2 cute dimples and a butt so cute that it makes babies jealous. Jim works out at the gym, does 5 to 7 miles each day on the track or treadmill. Jim has a great smile, is intelligent, smart, well read, has a not too hairy chest and a clean back. Jim loves kids and animals, knows how to balance a checkbook, and does not live with his parents. But before all you sexy single woman out there come knocking, he has a wife, who is a great lady that Jim would not know what to do without, and three wonderful girls that are always in his thoughts. Oh and modest, do not forget that he is very modest.

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  1. Hey Jim,
    I’ve recently overcome an Microsoft Office problem I’ve had for some time with thanks to you & your website. I’m from New Zealand & found your solution quickly through a very basic Google search & within 3-minutes the annoying little problem was solved.
    Thank you so very very much you have increased my computer enjoyment factor 10-fold.

    Muchly Appreciated

  2. I have a very good opinion of you! You sound like a very kind person who thinks about what you post. I appreciate you helping expose the evils of these bogus corporations and the NA Miss pageant who prey on other people for NO reason! You are an honorable person! I wish I was your wife and had your kids!

  3. Hi Mr. Jim, I stumbled across your site and I was moved to write. Even though I am a teenager and I DO love pageants, I do NOT love NA Miss in any way or shape or form. Nor do many people I know in other States too and I understand their contestant numbers are lower now that people are finding out that this pageant doesn’t handle their business right. I do love pageants who give a lot of info ahead of time and I do think there are good pageants out there. I agree with so much of the downside of the posts on your site (so do my family) and I would not ever do that pageant again. I wish you would be able to post those all over the pageant type boards to expose the real NAM to people who don’t “get it”. My biggest thing besides all the extra costs, is they do not tell you about this on their site, and once we were in it, of course I wanted to enter everything. It wasn’t just $440, almost everyone I know paid up to $1,000.00 for the State and when my family and I found out they had only been in business for about 5-6 yrs and not 30 or so like they say, that is not right. We just felt duped and I nor my mom could get answers to our questions, but their paperwork sure is pretty as well as deceiving to us.Where other pageants I have done tell you everything you DO need to know to make a decision, these Directors are only in it for money I think and my mom says it is a total numbers and sales game for them. I love pageants and I try to stay positive and make good choices to enter good pageants. This is NOT one of them. NaMiss to me, is more like Barbizon modeling school where you pay sometimes thousands to feel like you are a winner. I just had to comment to you to say I understand how some of these families feel. I tried to post this on the page for all the comments, but I didn’t know how to put it on there. Would you please as I am almost an adult and I feel I want to be heard too. NAM should not be even holding pageants and my mom and I DID take our name off their list so they would stop pestering us.

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