Detached retina and medical marijuana

Medical marijuana and eye problems

1. I am not a drug user, pot smoker of pot head
2. If a natural product smoked or ingested helps you, that’s a personal choice
3. For many the costs or accessibility may make this route much more doable then life long meds

What is glaucoma and is glaucoma directly correlated with having a retinal detachment?

If I have glaucoma, am I at an increased risk for developing a retinal detachment?
The answer to this question is “maybe,” but it is not common. Primary open-angle glaucoma itself does not predispose you to developing retinal detachments in the future; however, one of the medications that we use to use to treat glaucoma has a known side effect of causing an increased risk of developing retinal detachment. The medication pilocarpine (it has a green cap) has long been known to have an increased association of retinal detachments, but we now have much better medications and pilocarpine is no longer commonly used to treat this eye disease. Secondly, there are a couple of special cases in which patients might develop retinal problems that can lead to both glaucoma and a retinal detachment (neovascular glaucoma from uncontrolled diabetes, for example). In these cases, they would likely occur because of the new blood vessel growth in the angle of the eye and on the retina, but the glaucoma itself still does not cause retinal detachments.


Can a retinal detachment cause a secondary glaucoma?

The answer to this question is “yes.” There is a special type of glaucoma called “Schwartz-Matsuo Syndrome” in which a retinal detachment occurs and the photoreceptors (small light sensing cells in the retina) are dislodged from the retina. They float in the vitreous and aqueous inside the eye and eventually get clogged in the trabecular meshwork drainage system. If the trabecular meshwork get clogged enough, it is possible for the pressure to elevate and cause glaucoma.

I didn’t post this to push for marijuana legalization. I am in favor of it for ethical, legal and economic reasons.

I posted it because it’s in the news as more US States pass various levels of legalization along with those hydroponic homeopathic remedy users

And I wondered of all the eye problems covered under various marijuana legalization initiatives glaucoma was listed but never RD

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