To Chief of Navy Chaplains

Admiral thank you for your leadership and to all of the Chaplains for their hard work and dedication to our shipmates.

Please start staffing the US NAVY with Atheist/Humanist Chaplains

The Chaplains office provides so much more then words of “magic” or “mystical incantations”. It provides help, guidance and compassion

Please remember that it’s not your command Admiral. You have been entrusted with more then the CO of a CVN. Your office has been entrusted with the care of our sailors

And many of those sailors don’t want to hear about mysterious Iron Age men, unicorns and sky cloud beings. They have concerns here on Earth, on above and below our oceans. In the today and now

Don’t dishonor or dismiss all of the former shipmates or those serving today by ignoring them because of not believing in your

Those are our shipmates everyone of them regardless of religious preference

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