The US needs to end the War on Terror

We need to be done with Iran and Iraq

The war on terror was about 9/11 ( many IS Citizens don’t even know the year without thinking it was so long ago)

The war on terror was about WMD’s


And about shoes and socks and an army of tens of thousands of blue shirted TSA employees

The TSA who have caught zero terrorists


It is time all the nonsense ended

And time for the Patriots to demand we protect Americans and US soil. We need to ensure the rights and liberties of all US Citizens are protected at home first before we get involved with the rest of the world’s problems.

And time for the Conservatives to demand our debt ridden nation stops spending on wars we can’t afford. Military spending is going to push us even further into the fiscal crisis we have been suffering for over a decade.

Let the rest of the world handle their own problems. They can go to China, the UN, NATO, and their neighboring nations. Solve your own problems, let US solve US problems


I don’t need to mention billions spent already. – our economy and debt crisis show those scars

More importantly our troops lost can never be returned to us.


our country isn’t what it was before 9/11 and if we don’t stop it never will return to us as our country.


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