ISLP is a scam

DO NOT FALL FOR THE SCAM from Marguerite C. Regan, Ph.D., the self proclaimed Dean of Academic Affairs at the International Scholar Laureate Program.

It is a travel agency operating under the badly fitting disguise of a college program for bright people.

Do your research on People to People, Ambassador programs, Envision EMI, or the thousands o funsuspecting parents and children who fell prey to these outfits at the 2009 Presidential Inauguration.

How Jim is this a scam?

#1 0 How did they find your information? In my case, they purchased a mailing list from a college scholarship honor society. Do they tell you this? Why no, that would be facts and truth. Instead they say you are nominated for your awesomeness of being, well awesome. What is the criteria for this awesomeness? Is it just your name on the mailing list they purchased?

#2 – The big scam lie that continues from the high school scam to the college years — YOU, yes you and all your awesomeness were nominated. That is so amazing, because everyone of my high school teachers and college professors has my home name and address, and secretly sits at home at night sending out this personal information to third party outfits who will then ask me for money to go on a trip

#3 – and this is the biggest part of this scam — you did not win anything. You were not awarded anything. What you have in your email or snail mail hannds is a slick, colorful, raised seal piece of crap asking you and your parents to pay money to send you on a vacation / field trip.

But, but they said I was nominated and I won a major award. Until the crate from Italy shows up, you won the chance to pay them to be your travel agent. Because as everyone knows, college kids are too shy to go anywhere by themselves. They need a paid outfit to arrange things that are complicated and hard, like airfare and hotel.

#4 — in this modern age, here is an interesting twist. How much is it to attend if I pay my own travel directly? I mean, since I was nominated, and won, shouldn’t that portion be free?


International Scholar Laureate Program
1919 Gallows Road, Suite 700
Vienna, VA 22182

Contact them and ask these questions. And please share the honest truth of the answers. Your in college, so your bright, right?

BTW – be sure to ask WHO gave them your info, and ask if they paid for it. Then decide if its real. No one accepts nominations from instructors, professors or teachers and coaches and doesn’t keep track of who that nominator was. It doesn’t make good sense in days of paper, and in days of computers and databases, its free contact information. So why won’t they tell you?
phone: (800) 778-0164

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