He was my best friend and he slept with my wife

I can never speak to that guy, he was my best friend and he slept with my wife.

Well, he was your best friend, and if she slept with him, she is a whore, so she would have slept with anybody anyway. This isn’t about the whore, who may still be your lovely wife, your friendly ex-wife, or that bitter nasty piece of trash you can’t wait till the kids turn 18 to be done with her skank ass forever.


This is about the guy who you called a friend. He may have been your best friend, dude, guy, main man, hommie, amigo, kaypassa. Whatever he was, you and him where friends. You chatted over coffee, doughnuts, pizza or burgers, or beer or drinks. He has been to your house, or you have been to his, if even just to swap cars for a road trip to go hunting or see a game.

Is he sorry for it? Did he apologize for getting drunk and falling for the call of the wild? If so, why can’t you in some sense look at the guy and appreciate the fact that he got some trim. Granted it was yours, but I refer you to the first section on skanks and whores.

Did he marry her? – If yes, then tell the story about his marrying a skanky whore and describe all the shit she did with you on that trip to Jamaica, letting the world know he’s on a short trip to VD or HIV. But still buy him a drink or at least a toast at the bowling league holiday party.

Did he just get to kick boots once, and its done? – While he might not be your best friend anymore, does this mean you can’t wish him a happy birthday? You don’t have to send him an anniversary card every year with a picture on the front of a belt with notches in it. But you can still say hello and clink mugs at the party.

If your best friend did something as offensive as bag your old lady, or something worse like ask to borrow your car and do it in your car, leaving you to clean the mess up, he was still your friend one time. It will never go back to the way it was, but will you go to say your last respects at his funeral? Well of course, you will. Then why say your final words at the funeral where he can’t hear them. Show him your the bigger man, no matter what that whore moaned in his ear, and call him to wish him Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year 2013!

If he did something less offensive like well, anything else you can think of, can’t you do the same anyway?

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