Chill out to William Orbit – Optical Illusion

Another great piece of music from William Orbit to relax at the end of day, put on the headset, and just unwind while doing something numbing on the PC like playing Bubble Witch Saga. I have been playing level 129 for the past 3 days and don’t mind being able to make 3 stars *** and move on. I can get **, but I am playing the game to get max scores as I go. Hence the grind in one spot, and the need for some good music

Want to sing along the ending? Here are the Lyrics to Optical Illusion by William Orbit

hanging in the air
from you i never forget
you propose that that i never regret
so i call your name
you never neglect
that we both suffer from
your eyes capture mine
i feel nothing’s wrong
instant increased amounts of poise
less anxious
you’re my counterpoint
my counterpart, we fall down and laugh together
fuse and connect our hearts together
the path is never clear
but i take guidance from your words
the sound of your voice leads me
your example teaches me
from now until fates hands reach for me
making our way through leaves and green and grey scenes
headed to the blue light beams lead us

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