Do not shop at Ballyhugh Irish Imports

When shopping at your local merchant you want someone with a high degree of integrity and loyalty to their customers. Fran who is running this shop has apparently decided to ignore the New Jersey Consumer laws, and her own VISA merchant agreement. After you make a purchase, pay with your credit card, sign the slip and are ready to walk out with your purchases, she sticks a slip in the bag with her handwritten scratch and on the bottom in very small print is no refunds store credit only.

Now she doesn’t have you sign for this ahead of time.

This policy is not on her website

And she doesn’t have it on the credit card receipt so you see it when you sign. Nope, just on this slip she sticks in the bag.

I have tried to return an item that was purchased and she has decided to stick to her guns. Mine are a bit bigger and include the following

my blog and this post right here advising others not to do business with Ballyhugh Irish Imports in Audubon, NJ

A complaint to the Better Business Bureau which will go no where and do nothing

A chargeback with my credit card which will get me my money back

A criminal complaint for theft of the $50 when I return the item and do not get back my cash or credit issues to my credit card. This will cause a stir and a ruccuss, a lot of embarassment, and if she is smart, she had better get her stupid ass to an attorney to represent her in court. Nothing like a local law enforcement officer serving you with notice to appear in court for a criminal case to wake your eyes and ears up.

A civil complaint seeking the original amount, the authorized triple damages and all attorney fees and court costs. No attorney fees in small claims court when per se, but this will quickly add up to a $400 settlement over and above her time and costs if she shows up in court.

Why do merchants try and act so shaddy as to slip in bogus return policies? Because they think they can. but they can’t. And in this tough economic time, its important that we don’t get burned by these types of merchants.

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  1. Complaint Submitted
    Your complaint has been submitted. Your complaint number is: 7403471. The complaint has been transferred to the local BBB to be handled in their system. You may wish to copy or print this information for further reference. Press OK when ready.

    The complaint is being handled by the BBB listed below. Please contact them with any questions.

    BBB of New Jersey (Trenton, NJ)
    1700 Whitehorse Hamilton Square Road, Ste. D-5
    Trenton , NJ 08690-3596
    Phone: (609)588-0808
    Fax: (609)588-0546

    Please provide a BRIEF, FACTUAL DESCRIPTION of the problem you experienced. If you are notifying the BBB of an advertising claim that you believe is inaccurate or misleading, include the date and location of the advertisement.
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    Refund Or Exchange Issues

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    3. Problem:
    Store has no written policy or returns, refunds or exchanges, accepted a VISA card for purchase and after processing purchase tossed a slip into the bag which said store credit only. Explained to the store that this violates the agreement she signed when she agreed to accept VISA credit cards under her merchant policy and more importantly, she is violating NJ Consumer law. I spoke with a woman who identified herself as Fran, the owner. She said she has been doing business this way for years. And that is was my fault for not verifying this before making the purchase. I explained that it is not on the slip from the credit card, nor anywhere that I signed. Fran said it didn’t matter and I was out of luck.

    Complaint Background

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    1. Product/Service Purchased: cap
    2. Model Number:
    3. Contract, Account, or Policy #:
    4. Order #:
    5. Purchase Date: 12/22/2008
    6. Date Problem First Occurred: 12/27/2008

    Dates you complained to the company/organization

    7. First Date: 12/26/2008
    8. Second Date: 12/27/2008
    9. Third Date:
    10. Payment Made: Yes
    11. Payment Method: Credit Card

    Name of Sales Person

    12. Title: Mrs.
    13. First Name: Fran
    14. Middle Name:
    15. Last Name:
    16. Suffix:
    17. Purchase Price: $60.08
    18. Disputed Amount: $46.00

    Desired Outcome
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    Full refund of the amount of the purchase

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