USAirways to Florida $59.00 per person

Yes we flew from Philadelphia to Orlando, PHL to MCO, on USAirways and the airfare was $59 per person going down. This meant we got up early on Sunday, drove the rental car to the airport, dropped off all the bags with the skycap. Yes it is good to be USAirways Platinum and now Chairmen – a much easier time with heavy bags and bag limits, and no fees.

The family went into the airport with their boarding passes and identification while I returned the car. The fine folks at AVIS at the Philadelphia Airport had an error with my coupons. The cannot fix it now since its a Sunday and no manager is working. Oh well, I will have to call back on Monday before we set sail. I walk over to the airport terminal cutting through the parking garage. When returning a car at AVIS in Philadelphia, skip the shuttle and take the short walk.

The flight changes gates as I was in security to the far back end of terminal A where I met up with the rest of the family. After a short wait and a trip to the newstand for bottled water and for Anna, magazines, we boarded. Hysterics from Granuaile over seating till she conked out, otherwise a quick flight to Orlando.

A trip to the bathroom, ride on the train, and after getting the family set at the bagage claim carousel with a luggage cart, I went to get the rental car. I had a reservation with Hertz, but the shuttle was a good 10 minute wait to a drive offsite. I skipped my reservation with Hertz and walked up to AVIS and did a pickup in the parking garage.

We left the airport and drove not directly to the house, but to downtown Disney and then WalMart. Anna needed some last minute items. Then we went to the University of Central Florida for Brighid to get a drive by tour. To the grandparents, a quick trip to the local pizza shop and then off to bed for the night. Busy day.

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