Do not do business with TNS Telecoms (215) 442-7094

If you get a call from them, let them rant and rave and ask their questions. And then ask them if they checked to see if your phone number was on the National Do Not Call List. The DNC excludes by law a number of companies. By law, then can call you. By decency, they should not. If you put your number on the DNC, you do not want annoying calls. TNS Telecoms makes annoying calls. And they ignore your request. Why would they expect to get anything but a rude fucking response from you?

Now as a company that needs reliable marking information, why would you pay money to TNS Telecoms for shitty results?

TNS Telecoms
410 Horsham Road
Horsham, PA 19044

Toll free: 1-866-811-TNST

 In my most recent request on their website, after yet another call from them. And yes, I have asked them to put my own their own internal Do Not Call list. But like the shitheads and fucktards they appear to be, they call me yet again.

While I am on the National Do Not Call List, some organizations choose to ignore that request. While for some, it is mandatory, they are scumbags and fuckheads. Others are not required to follow the NDNC list, but because they are scumbags and fuckheads, they ignore a decent persons request to not get calls from shit services.

So, I ask you – with my number on the NDNC – why did I get a call from your company tonight?

Do you think I would want to talk to any of your fucking employees given that your company is no ignorant that you ignore MY request that you do not call me?

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