Fall 2010

Fall is here, Winter is coming, and with it changes in the Skamarakas family.

We are thankful for all we have and those around us.

A little flash back to the November 2000 trip to The Holy See, taken by Brighid with Eilis still in the womb.

Anna is taking 4 classes this semester and doing great with an A average. She is finishing up her 2nd year on the Disney Mom’s Panel, and somehow finding time to do everything else for her family.

Granuaile has spent the 1st of November explaining that those Halloween decorations have to come down right now because Halloween is over. She gets Kindergarten pictures taken on the 3rd. She is loving her 3 after school activities: cheer leading, Daisy Girl Scouts and Irish step dancing

Eilis was the Modern Blessed Mother on the church pageant. She is being a busy bee in 4th grade this year with: cheer leading, Junior Girl Scouts, Irish step dancing and a very exciting 5th grader speaking part in this years Broadway Kid’s production of the Aristocat’s

Brighid is still planning to drop out of UCF and fly off to, well you know the rest, and while it is sad for everyone who knows and loves her, she is always loved by her family. Her path is different then what everyone would want and pray for her. We hope this is just a side path full of bumps and small bruises that ends quickly and helps her come back to a better road in her life.

Jim– well disability has been a speed bump he has tried to avoid, but this year it hit home. Like everything else it life, changes are good. They bring us closer together, make us stronger, and remind us how precious life and love are in our family.