Christmas 2004 Thank you

From the Skamarakas Family

We’ve had a wonderful Christmas! As usual, there were way too many presents under the tree, but the children were so grateful and appreciative. Brighid’s big surprise was a sterling silver necklace from Tiffany and Company in the shape of a Bean. Since she had such a close relationship with my sister Bean during her life, I felt it would be a good luck charm for Brighid, and she really loved it. Eilis was totally floored by her Dad’s last minute surprise of a pink pony. The pony, about four feet long and two feet high laying down, is a big, soft, cuddly stuffedn animal, and Eilis has enjoyed riding it, laying on it, and just petting it.

As always, we cannot thank everyone enough for the generous gifts we received. It is always a blessing to be reminded that others are thinking of us.

May the New Year find you surrounded by love, and each day ahead be healthy and happy!