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Granuaile goes on an airplane!

I’m ready! This was the chant from row 30 by the little girl excited to be on her first airplane. Boots, kicking the back of the seat, and playing with her buckle. And of course the constant 3-2-1 I’m READY! while she waited quietly as only a little girl can do for her first airplane to take off.

Then came food brought to her on her own tray. Now that was exciting enough to warrant more yeahs and kicking of the chair in front of her 🙂

  • Anna needs to post the picture she took of the kids on the airplane together.

The girls and mom and dad did something we never do on Friday – we did not drive to up and down I-95 from New Jersey to Florida. We all flew on a USAirways flight to spend the weekend. Brighid got left home because of school 🙁 but we thought of her enough to call and remind her to do her homework. Oh and pull the weeds and any dead mums and rake up the leaves. Oh and hang up Christmas decorations. But have a good time in school and the gym with Nannie.