Out and About This Summer

As Willie Wonka once said, “So much time, so little to do…Scratch that, Reverse.”

Once the school year ended for both girls, we only had a few days to enjoy summer vacation before Brighid began her summer math class.  Fortunately, they gave them a nice holiday for 4th of July, and after Brighid rode in the parade on the beauty queen float, we packed up the car and headed out to Milwaukee to spend a few days with Jim.  It was a great trip, and we highly recommend when you are in Milwaukee with young children that you check out the Betty Brinn museum, and people of all ages will enjoy the Milwaukee Public Museum. 

Brighid - Miss Bellmawr 2007 2nd runner up

Eilis has a busy week this week with vacation Bible school, and she’s having an awesome time.  Next week, she is in summer enrichment – a little reminder of what they learned last year so that it will stay fresh in their minds for the upcoming school year.  By the time she is done in summer enrichment, it will be time for final exams in Brighid’s math class, and we leave shortly after that for SeaWorld camp!  We no sooner get home, then Eilis goes with Nanny, Uncle Danny, Aunt Angela, Danny and Christian for a vacation at the seashore.  We’ll be back in Milwaukee for the Milwaukee Irish Festival, and then home just in time for the start of school and Brighid’s big birthday bash.

Keep updated by visiting our blogs often.  At least Anna will post frequent news, reviews, and all pertinent family gossip.

Have a great summer!  I know we sure will!