Beautiful Eilis News
Eilis did something wonderful today! We took her to get her haircut at the localĀ SalonTouch Studio salon, and she asked the woman at the salon if her hair was long enough to donate to Locks of Love. If you have not heard of this organization, they collect hair to be used to make wigs for patients who have lost all of their hair to cancer treatment. Your hair has to be 10 inches long in order to donate. Many of the patients who request wigs are little girls, and most of them want longer hair! The process of preparing the wigs uses 2 inches of the hair, so any shorter than 10 inches leaves only enough hair for a shorter style.Eilis not only had enough length, but she also had enough thickness to make TWO PONYTAILS!! It takes 9 pony tails to make a wig for a little girl.I was so proud of her today, and I did cry a couple of tears – both for watching them cut her long, beautiful hair, and for how proud I was for what she was doing.

So this is Eilis, if you click the link above, with her cute new hair-do! And today, she is living proof that she is as beautiful inside as she is outside!