September 2014

Back to School

We have the following going on this year

Rutgers Graduate School (not pictured)
Rutgers Last semester for Bachelors (on the left)
4th grade, last year at that school
8th grade, last year there

Funny how each of our students never gets to see the others in the same school, at the same time.

Well, except for RCS, when Eilis and Granuaile attended together.

Brighid was there with Eilis for one year, but AEilis refused to mention it to her teachers.

Recent events

Why does this page not get updated every day, month, birthday or holiday?

#1 : Well, its a landing page

#2 – Anna and I could not agree that my content was appropriate

#C, Anna and I could not agree that my content was appropriate for her friends and audience

#4 == the kids have gone through various iterations of wanting or not wanting a blog

In the end, it was a matter of a compromise. We set up the landing page, linked to the other blogs, and left it at that.

None of us gets to claim the front page as our own

When Anna moved to, we discussed my claiming the family front page, but that was rejected for #2 and #C above.

I started moving my political comments to  and she doesn’t want that to accidently get confused with her stuff.  Web savvy people have no problem seeing the linkage, but hey, security through obscurity.

And thats why you can clearly see that our blogging together as mutual authors would not work out 🙂

Separate blogs also lets us run multiple themes. We had played around with an early version of the Word Press multiple users software, but ditched that quickly for several reasons. Haven’t even thought of that in years, it was such a dropped on the oregon trail without a tombstone effort.